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Forge Hill Sculpture

Elk Cuff Bracelet Statement Jewelry Unique Design Zimmer

Elk Cuff Bracelet Statement Jewelry Unique Design Zimmer

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Cast in BRONZE Hand-finished.

Realistically designed, realistically priced!

IMPRESSIVE elk cuff bracelet! This piece commands attention! It is a realistically sculpted rendition of a bellowing elk, and does have sharp points so it is not recommended for young girls. Wearable sculpture!

This piece is signed.
For those who love to wear extremely unusual art pieces! Sculptural elk cuff bracelet!
Not suitable for small children. This piece is for the adventurous! Be prepared for a lot of attention! I have been wearing mine for years and I have never been impaled by it.
Amethyst stone set eyes. These are a LOT of work! The beaded part in the back is blue tourmaline. I can fit this to most any size.

This is a large, bold heavy pendant, handmade and soldered. It retails for $450+. One gallery had them selling at $500.

MADE IN USA! You are purchasing a handmade item direct from the artist with no middleman involved! Best prices on precious metal jewelry!

Internationally acclaimed equine and wildlife sculptor and jeweler. From delicate fine jewelry to life-size monumental sculpture, American sculptor, Beverly Zimmer, offers incomparable detail and gesture in her jewelry and sculptural works in clay and bronze. All jewelry pieces may be custom ordered in 14 ky gold.
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