In the Saddle



My lifelong passion and inspiration with horses is evident in my work. This dedication to horses extends far beyond the studio to humble beginnings in the equine industry. 

After graduation from a stable and breeding management working student program in 1984, I shifted to my other passion – art. I juggled classes with my job at a farm, with my academics often taking a back seat to the horses. Upon graduation from the Tyler School of Art in 1990, I took my first and only job as a professional groom during the winter Dressage circuit in Florida. I returned to Pennsylvania confirmed that I would rather be the competitor than the groom! Easier said than financed.

It was several years later when I found my competition partner, Eurythmic. However penniless, I did the horse crazy move and ran through my finances to buy her. She was a barely broken 3 yr old hellion of a mare with a larger-than-life attitude.  I managed to wrangle her through the National levels of Dressage and moved to Wellington – the mecca of the horse show industry.  

With the lure of top competition only minutes from my home, I relished the moment to compete in such company. With an abundance of awards and championships, my mare made dreams come true I never knew I had.  We moved up the levels and I earned my USDF Bronze medal, and nearly all the scores for my USDF Silver Medal. 

In 2009, I bought my next horse,  Fantom, as a weanling and raised him into the spectacular gelding he is today. I moved back to Wellington and split my time between designing jewelry and sculpture and training.  

Sadly, in early 2017, my dressage training was curtailed when I was blindsided by another horse on the farm.  I was crushed between the horse and water trough, causing internal bleeding and damaged organs. Following my departure from the ICU, the convalescing was going to be a long process and the accident left me emotionally and financially exhausted – I moved back to Aiken where I could keep my horses in comfort.

Over the 30 year span as a sculptor and artist, I have embraced the path I chose, regardless of the setbacks. My love for the horses fueled every ounce of my ambition.

Beverly Zimmer