Since 1991, collectors worldwide have enjoyed Beverly Zimmer’s work in clay, bronze, silver, and gold. Specializing in equine sculpture and jewelry, her work has been awarded and internationally acclaimed for over 32 years.

From the beginning of Beverly’s career, she has been a recognizable presence in the equestrian industry. Years of working with and training horses – from birth through advanced riding training – provides a deep understanding of equine biomechanics and behavior.

Beverly graduated from the Tyler School of Art (Temple University) in 1990. During her enrollment, she challenged the academic boundaries by working in more of a performance art genre. Her ambition in exploring the equine form in unconventional context was received enthusiastically and encouraged by the professors. Undergraduate work included a pseudo birthing of a mechanical human from a horse sculpture. and a mobile rendition of a skeletal equine, that housed a human operator within the sculpture. While strapped into the thoracic cavity and limbs of the skeletal structure, the operator could simulate a horse’s movement.

Post graduate work continued the equine/human metamorphosis concept in bronze sculpture, in addition to the realistic equine and animal sculpture. She created clay and bronze commissions of realistic equines and animals – keeping busy full-time following her university departure – then launching her career in Pennsylvania.

Beverly found her place in the equine industry quite easily. Branching off into jewelry design and commercial designs for home décor catalogs brought her financial stability. From 1991 to 2006, the sculptor traveled to equestrian events and market trade shows earning a reputation for outstanding designs and dedicated customer service.  As her workload increased, the sculptor spent more time in the studio and less time on the road promoting her business.  Beverly has won prestigious awards and Nationwide recognition for her works in bronze.  It's not always her equine sculpture winning the awards, she has also achieved top honors with her Surreal sculpture! 

Beverly spent many years living in south Florida and established her Forge Hill Sculpture business.   While developing her incomparable equestrian jewelry line, she also worked at a bronze foundry as a hired sculptor and fabricator. Her equestrian and sculpting adventures have bounced her residences from South Eastern PA,  Wellington  FL, Aiken, SC, Richland, WA, and Walland, TN.  She currently resides with her husband near the Smoky Mountains foothills in Walland, Tennessee.