Respectable Bronze Figurative Sculpture

Bronze Figurative Sculpture
Beverly Zimmer
This bronze sculpture is an original, one of a kind.  The piece is a nearly life-size figurative sculpture.  It has won awards in New York City and Richland, WA.  
This sculpture is a rendering of the struggle women have in employment,  or simply every-day life.  Regardless of her tasks, she continues to be self driven, however vulnerable.
The figure is stripped away of everything, except fragments of a driving bridle. It is a visual interpretation of the perseverance needed to be self driven.  The concept is as simple as that.  Nuances of the sculpture’s intensity include the rein placement on the lowest, most controlling section of the bit she clenches to.  The protective crossed arm implies her tentative insecurity.  The driving bridle’s blinders affirm her self guided direction.  
The concept was never intended to be categorized as erotic art and it has not been labeled as such by women who relate to it.
Measurements 21" long, 20" high, 12" deep  Weight approx. 75 lbs.
Mounted on black granite.
Available for purchase $11,900.00