Stoneware Sculptural Vessels

Sculptures in Stoneware Clay are the roots of my career, a way to do sculpture for a living and keep it affordable to create and purchase. 
Sculpting in water based Stoneware clay is the most natural and straight forward media of sculpture I work in.   It's just a block of clay, and me with my orange stick.  That's it.  My original clay sculptures are sculpted and hollowed out, leaving cavities for air and gases to escape during the firing process.  When the sculpture is completely dry, I begin the firing process in an electric kiln.  The whole firing takes two days to complete, with careful attention to programming the ramping up (heating up) and down (cooling) of the sculpture.
The finish I use has been a mixture of paint products, too many variations to list, and my styles have fluctuated over the last 32 years.
Below are examples of clay works I have done.  I have done, literally, thousands of clay sculptural vessels, functional art pieces, and wall décor.

Please check back during the summer of 2023 as I will have new Clay Sculptural pieces available for purchase.