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Forge Hill Sculpture

Donkey or Mule wrap ring STERLING SILVER One size sizes 5 to 9 Zimmer design

Donkey or Mule wrap ring STERLING SILVER One size sizes 5 to 9 Zimmer design

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Designs by Beverly Zimmer
Cuddling donkey ring. Design. 2019

Authentic from the artist! Adjustable ring. Just a slight squeeze or separation will insure a perfect fit. It is not meant to be opened and closed numerous times....just fit it once.

The front of the ring , from the bottom nose to the top donkey's ears are 1.50", the circumference is 7 cm, but that changes as it is sized.

VERY comfortable to wear! Despite it's length, the heads are hollowed out on the backs and they "cup" over your finger and knuckle, lying flat on the finger.
Unusual and finely detailed, a beautifully sculpted piece! The donkeys interlock their necks together.
This is a very substantial casting. The back band is almost a quarter inch.
The ring is signed.

Cast in sterling silver, I don't buy and resell jewelry. You are purchasing directly from the artist. All of my jewelry in made in the USA. I do the designing, wax, and metal finishing right here in my Tennessee studio.

Internationally acclaimed equine and wildlife sculptor and jeweler. From delicate fine jewelry to life size monumental sculpture, American sculptor Beverly Zimmer offers incomparable detail and gesture in her jewelry and sculptural works in clay and bronze. All jewelry pieces may be custom ordered in 14 ky gold.

Materials: Silver

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